Remote PBX

J-Telecom Remote PBX

As an J-Telecom PBX Service Customer, you will be able to benefit from a remote PBX System, you do not need to buy the whole PBX System, we can program it remotely so that all what you will need will actually be VoIP Phones and an internet connection!..

We can program a whole central extension system and customize it so that it suits your needs.
For example: We can create a remote central system so that you can have the following extensions:

Home: 100
Ofiice: 101
Person1: 102
Person2: 103

•We provide Remote PBX Services, by creating a network that can support an unlimited number of extensions.
•We provide the cheapest Virtual Numbers with the widest coverage, a chance for our customers to be interconnected with the world.
•Each extension can call the other extensions and may be allowed to perform international calls from a pre-defined number.
•Extension calls may be done between two parties that are not in the same country.
•Fixed phones and Mobile Phones can be used together to create a PBX Network.
•This service is 100% secure and reliable.
•This service gives our customers a worldwide presence.
•All that the end user will need is to buy our VoIP Phones or to download an application on his/her phone and a connection to the internet.

You can at any time order a full local PBX System that will be programmed and integrated in your own office so that your employees can use it and interconnect using VoIP Phones.

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J-Telecom VirtualPBX is powered by Phone.Systems.

Some Accordions
  • Why Pick Us?
    Our worldclass level of high quality and extensively discounted rates allowed us to lead in our area of expertise because we are dedicated to provide the best experience for our customers along with the best package of serivces. With J-Telecom, the customer's satisfaction is the only thing that matters!
  • Technical Support
    Our support team and Network Operations Center are always ready to receive any request for support being fully dedicated to give our customers the best support at the shortest period of time.
  • Leading Excellence
    J-Telecom's team performs daily Quality of Service (QoS) tests in order to make sure that all our services are at the highest possible quality without any disruption or degradation in quality. This is one of the main priorities of our team.